Snowtrooper Build

Building a snowtrooper costume from my favorite movie, The Empire Strikes Back.

The plastic armor is vacuum-formed plastic from Dan Laws. Boots are movie-correct Canadian military Mukluks. And I built pretty much everything else.

Designed a trading card for my completed costume
Buddy just had to see what was in the box too
Cutting some marine vinyl
Magnets to set the E6000 glue
BLIZZARD fleece, you say? And 50% off? How convenient!
Cut a cheap tshirt to begin a template
Skirt attached
Belt loops done
Building the belt pouches
Belt pouches done
Belt is weathered and done
Designed a template for the holster
White holster looks pretty good
Karate pants from Amazon
Snaps on pants for knee armor
Snaps and straps
Looking pretty solid
First semi test fitting
Lets start this backpack
Custom stiffening solution
Nice and flush
Beefed up inside, and buffered the thread posts
Cut a service hole, and screw threads are flush.
Masking for airbrush
Grey all done
Airbrush is the only way to fly
Time for red
Cheap canvas gardening gloves are movie-correct
Setting some snaps
So clean, almost too clean
Greeblies attached
Beginning the weird boot straps
boot straps done
Weathering started
Black, brown, and tan for some depth
Custom program on an Arduino for my flashing lights
Built a velcro holster for a USB battery pack
Pic from my first troop as a snowtrooper, completed in exactly 30 days.