Jurassic Park Jeep

Converting a 1999 Jeep Wrangler into the iconic truck from Jurassic Park.

I'm usually all about movie-accuracy, but I think the TJ is a vastly superior vehicle than the 1992 YJ in the movie, and this Jeep came to me with some cool aftermarket setup already going on. For this build I'm going to have some fun with my own interpretation.

"She might not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid. I've done a few special modifications myself..." ~ Han Solo

Projects are never finished, but this is JP29 today.
New wheels, fresh from powdercoating
Met another member of the Jurassic Park Motor Pool. Now there are 4 of us in Houston!
The first time I pulled out of the driveway with the Jeep back together, running, and Jurassic Park paint in place.
Applying graphics to doors. Only have one shot to get it right, and they only cost $95 to have custom printed. So no pressure.
Custom t-rex Jeep decals
Me and Chase after finishing the red
Me and Chase
Red is done, very happy with the results
Chase remembered the red hinge on the door
My garage floor looks like Dexter got a bit careless
Michelle helping with removing the masking. Very messy.
Me rolling some red. Here goes nothing.
Using my Force powers to levitate the front bumper
Placing the vinyl template
Chase seems satisfied with our measuring
Exact measurements, masking for all the red
Going for full movie accuracy as far as the paint scheme
Windshield supports on the roll cage were a bit rusty. I cleaned and refinished them with Chassis Saver.
Tan layer complete Oct 1, 2016. Thanks to mom, Chase, Michelle, Sergio, and Liz for helping to knock it out
Tan layer complete
Tan layer is done!
All my Monstaliner supplies are all ready to roll
New tail light lenses are an easy upgrade
Stripped it all back down to prep for paint. Sanded and solvent-cleaned.
With the new seats installed, I call the interior DONE! New dash, new door panels, new console, and interior Monstalined green.
New hood installed, starting to get a stormtrooper color theme going. Maybe because I've replaced more of this Jeep than I started with? haha
Changing a hood, how hard can it be?
This was a paint to track down, but got a new replacement hood instead of the crazy old dented one.
New Bestop seats installed, should be close to waterproof
Tired old seats about to go. And now your watch has ended.
Found a shop that had some half doors in great condition, with new tan interior panels. Traded! Also driven now for 2 days without a CEL
Starting to look good
My retrofitted headlight switch mount is all done, looks clean
Battery quick-disconnect installed
New matching lock cylinders all around. So two brand new nice keys, ignition lock, and all doors match now. Yes, I'm the previous owner you WANT to buy from.
Hmm, new check engine light I wasn't getting before. Related to o2 sensors. I'm guessing its fuse-related though.
Wiring harness done right. Correctly soldering with heatshrink
Ugh, previous owner's "wiring" was just twisting wires together and loosely wrapping elec tape... No wonder its shorting.
Wow, these Rugged Ridge XHD seats are CRAP. Broken springs, ripped seams, ink stains. NONE are usuable out of the 4 I've gotten. I'm over Quadratec.
New console installed, now time for seats
All electrical (other than headlight controls) reconnected, and Jeep started on the first try.
New dash is hung
Wiring harness from the new 2001 dash removed
Old dash is a 1999, new dash is a 2001. Slight differences means i need to transplant my wiring harness and make some adaptations. Apparently the headlight controls moved from the dash to the turn signal stalk in between years...
Past the point of no return now
Another package arrived today, my legit stamped JP license plates.
Complete dashboard assembly in tan from eBay. No more sun damage, no more broken clips, and now the stereo can actually be mounted correctly. And the airbag cover won't be shut with drywall screws... yikes!
Now THIS is a center console. 30lbs of powdercoated steel and a massive locking mechanism on the compartment. 8/22/2016
Doesn't look like much progress, but another day into stripping the old bedliner. At this point my quart can of MEK is empty. 8/22/2016
Interior, wiring, and seatbelts removed. Stripping the old bedliner with methyl ethyl ketone.
Got my Monstaliner color sample chips, decided on my colors. Tan/red for the exterior JP scheme. Brown is "Jeep Spice" which represents my new seats. Green will be for the inside of the tub.
Replaced the shredded transmission boots while the console is out.
RIP center console. Too bad somebody decided to cover up your majestic OEM spice color with black rattlecan...
Go go gadget elbow grease! Methyl ethyl ketone seems to take the old black rattlecan bedliner off. Going to get green Monstaliner all over.
Ordered a brand new tailgate door since the existing one has a crack in the metal. Of course it arrives bare in a shin cardboard box, with the corner completely crumpled. What did they think was going to happen?
Got my work cut out for me before its ready for Monstaliner
Pulling the nasty carpet out. Its pretty darn dirty in here.
Found the other culprit making the Jeep shudder and vibrate. A bad U-Joint hogged out a big hole in the driveshaft yoke. Yep, that would do it.
Fresh new drive yoke and U-joints makes all the difference in the world.
No wonder it was shuddering on takeoff, the transmission was basically not attached to the car.
First day I brought it home. 8/8/2016
As it stood in previous owner's driveway