Hospital Visits

We get invited to do lots of great events, but visiting a children's hospital is always my favorite. This is a collection of pics from various visits.

Some of the kids can leave their rooms and meet us in the activity areas for games or arts and crafts. Other kids aren't well enough for that, and so we also go room-to-room.

All the photos are sent back to us after being cleared by the hospital staff for privacy issues. Needless to say a lot of the really tough pics don't ever make it back to us.

One little girl had to go back to her room for treatment, and she asked if a stormtrooper could come with her. She took his hand and led him down the hall, and he stayed at her side the whole time she was away.
This girl's mom sent us this pic after our visit. She loved arts and crafts, especially making lightsabers out of pool noodles. When Laura lifted her helmet, she lit up when she realized it was a girl under there.
On this visit, Disney and Lucasfilm sent each one of us costumers an entire cart of toys, action figures, and coloring books to give out. Thank you Lucasfilm!
This little guy is an absolute Star Wars maniac. I hate that we see him EVERY time we visit Hermann Memorial... :0(
My favorite little guy teaching Obi-Wan a thing or two
Brandon and Adam, suiting up. Everyone else is too slow.
There he is, blast him! Kids can't get enough of shooting at real stormtroopers with Nerf guns.
Weren't putting anything past this one, she knew we're the bad guys
Tampa Bay. This kid's reaction was great.
South Texas Squad at Texas Childrens
Hospital staff is full of rebel sympathizers
Thanks so much to these nurses and volunteers for making our play session so smooth