Darth Vader Build

Darth Ugly ESB by CS MacLaren
Matching shoulder armor from CS Maclaren
Going my own route as usual. Using a loose UnderArmor shirt as the base layer of the quilted suit
Quilting test with batting, looks good
Cutting top leather layer
1" painters tape helps keep the quilting lines straight, and stabilizes the material
Two sleeves done
Quilting the pants, over a pair of athletic mesh pants
Mocking up the sections for the 3/4 circle outer cape
This is what $500 worth of cape material looks like.
Cutting the buckles from the Chippewa boots
CNC machined aluminum chestbox
Machined chestbox
Chestbox after powdercoating
Pelican flight case for hard parts
Leather upholstered cod from Artisan Props