We are the dreamers of dreams

I'm Brandon, an IT guy by day who also likes to take on cool build projects in his spare time.

Use the buttons at the top of the page to see all my finished props, or go to the albums to see the build projects in detail. And I put a few quick links to my biggest projects up there too.

I figure this album would make a great Home Page. Just a collection of my favorite pics from all the events I've done as a trooper with the 501st Legion.

What is the 501st Legion? This pic is worth a thousand words.
Me and my completed Han-in-Carbonite build. Roughly 200lbs of Bondo, wood, and resin. Arduino-powered animated control panels.
The first time I pulled out of the driveway with the Jeep back together, running, and Jurassic Park paint in place.
Me as Vader, buying movie tickets for my crew. Memorial City Mall, Houston TX
Had the honor of visiting Daniel Fleetwood, the terminally ill fan who was granted his wish of seeing the Force Awakens early after his cause swept the news. He died a few days afterwards.
...and I had the honor of being invited back to stand guard as a stormtrooper at Daniel's funeral. My mom and sister made the black "DF" arm bands for only for the troopers that attended the funeral.
Recognized myself in this awesome pic a stranger posted on Instagram. Alamo Drafthouse in Houston, Episode 7 release weekend
Bad guys doing good
My last troop in Florida before making the move to Texas. Having a blast with these guys, especially teaming up with Dan puppeteering his scratch-build R2-D2. It's a surreal thing to be in an x-wing flightsuit and just talk to an R2 who actually responds.
Brightening some days at Tampa General.
Me getting attacked by a raptor.
Just on stage with Weird Al Yankovic, no big deal. that's me on the far right.
Bringing Christmas gifts to Nicky in a surprise housecall. After a 14mo battle with brain cancer, Nicky became one with the Force on June 4, 2017.
The day I got to meet Julian Glover (Empire Strikes back,Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Game of Thrones). Even got to escort him to his Q&A panels dressed out as a snowtrooper.
Me and Weird Al
Not even sure who took the pic, I found it later on Instagram. Totally awesome what you did with the focus in this pic, whoever you are! That's me in the foreground, still wearing my DF armband.
Star Wars Day with the Houston Astros. My parents actually caught me on TV taking pics with fans and sent me the pic. I got to go out on the field, and even ride around in the back of the pickup with the cheerleaders, throwing out t-shirts to the crowd.
Met Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), and he was wearing the custom shirt that I had made for him. Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead, Boondock Saints) thought the shirt was cool since it was crossbow-related, so I brought one for him too!
Love the reaction from these little guys. Bob and I at the Woodlands Children's Festival.
Playing with kids at Hermann Memorial in Houston
Went with the Tampa Bay Squad to the Tampa General Children's wing for the Christmas Party. Nothing like Clone Troopers delivering pizza and gifts.
Maybe I need to be a bit more incognito around the Empire, instead of a bright orange "rebel scum" sign.
Got to go on stage during the finale of the Houston Symphony's John Williams Tribute night. Totally awesome to hear the symphony from behind the curtains on stage.
Helped a Boy Scouts troop in Houston with earning their Force Choke badge.
This little guy was eyeballing me, but too shy to say hi at comic con. His dad came and asked me to take a pic. This kid was just beaming with straight-up joy, which was great. Oh, and he and his dad were wearing matching Hulk costumes.
Michelle and I got to meet one of our fellow theRPF members who scratch-built this version of Luke's landspeeder.
This may come as a shock, but I love Halloween.
Me and the Ninja Turtles party van at Houston Children's Festival
The Ninja Turtles were performing on stage, so I decided to just head up the stairs and crash it.
Arrested that traitor Princess Leia, and had her put in the back seat of the cruiser.
Just a cool pic of me and my friend Jason, from the dressing rooms before going on stage with the Houston Symphony.
Stormtroopers of our South Texas Squad with Weird Al Yankovic.
Me posing with my scratch-build Han in Carbonite. Technically this pic isn't from a troop, but I'm proud of the build and just like the pic.