We are the dreamers of dreams

My favorite pics from all the events I've done as a trooper with the 501st Legion.

Han in Carbonite

I built a life-size movie-accurate replica of Han Solo frozen in carbonite from The Empire Strikes Back

Jurassic Park Jeep

Converting a 1999 Jeep Wrangler into the iconic truck from Jurassic Park.

Snowtrooper Build

Building a snowtrooper costume from my favorite movie, The Empire Strikes Back.

X-Wing Pilot Build

Pics of my build of a movie-accurate X-wing pilot costume.

E-11 Blaster Build

Built a replica E-11 blaster rifle

Guitar amp build

Built a 5w class-A tube guitar amp head from scratch in my parent's garage in 2005.

Stormtrooper Build

Building a movie-accurate Stormtrooper costume from The Empire Strikes Back

Magneto (Days of Future Past) helmet

Magneto helmet from the movie X-Men: Days of Future past. Never have finished this one...


Small versions for forum posts